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Hey man have you shipped any of the nouns tapes yet

no, i’m still recording them! I’m sorry :( they should start shipping next week, i just got them in this past tuesday and school has been really stressful so i’m trying to get everything done as fast as i possibly can. it’ll be there soon! 

INTERVIEW: Oliver Kalb (Bellows/Told Slant)

Funeral Sounds Investigative caught up with Oliver Kalb, figurehead behind spectral dynapop project known as Bellows. In an all guards down interview, Kalb delegates on the inner workings of the Bellows hivemind while all the while exploring new perspectives on what it means to be “lo-fi”. Read all of it and more, now in real time.

So to ease into the interview, what’s on your mind tonight?

Well I am at the Father/Daughter showcase. This is for this small label from California that just put out tapes for my friends in Small Wonder and Sharpless so I just saw them play which was pretty great. So I guess I’m just feeling proud of my friends.

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Light Years - Temporary (Cleveland, Ohio)

Who It Is: Light Years - Temporary; Animal Style Records (2014)

What It Sounds Like: [the most recent]-wave pop-punk


I was drawn to Light Years because they sounded honest. I Won’t Hold This Against You was a pop-punk record, but it wasn’t aggressively so. You know what I mean; you have bands like Man Overboard and Real Friends who pattern themselves after classic acts like blink-182 and New Found Glory, but lack the innovation that made NFG and blink famous, and sound overblown and washed out as a result. Light Years weren’t like that. Sure, they had songs like “Parking Lots” and “Put Myself Together” that explored typical topics such as hanging out with your friends and overcoming hardships, respectively, but they felt like real experiences rather than caricatures. Temporary finds Light Years experimenting with their sound subtly on each track to make a record that listens like a pop-punk retrospective.

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tombo crush - bits (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Who It Is: tombo crush - bits; Self-Released (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Waxahatchee, A tamer Buke + Gase, bedroom sad grrrl


There is so much lo-fi sad music out there it can be overwhelming and at times, even aggravating because the aesthetic has been worn out countless times, only to have the lone samaritan pick it all back up again and prove that there is hope for those with audacity and a guitar. Maybe Tombo Crush isn’t one of those people yet, but she is absolutely on the right track with her debut release bits which takes the minimalist musicianship mentality and stretches it as far as it can go with a ukulele, and goddamn is it catchy.

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TOUR DIARY: Aviator / August 27, 2014

Aviator is on a tour right now. They are a pretty good band. They just put out a record on No Sleep Records. You should check it out. Listen to it here. Buy it here. Go see Aviator. Thanks. Mike wrote some things about tour so far. Complete w/ pictures. Nice.

Hello FUNERAL SOUNDS reader,

By Jose Martinez

This is Mike Moschetto, bassist of AVIATOR speaking to you. We are en route from Pittsburgh, PA to Rochester, NY, a little over halfway through our 10-day record release tour for our debut LP ‘Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt’ which was released by No Sleep Records last Tuesday, August 19th - coincidentally the day our story really begins.

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Nurture / Antpile - Split (Athens, Ohio / Atlanta, Georgia)

Who It Is: Nuture/Antpile - Split; Cohosh Records (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Skramz (because Mark hates that word)


Ya know what else Mark Garza hates? Splits, so naturally I would review a skramz split because fuck Mark Garza, he’s brought nothing but misery into my otherwise perfect and immaculately maintained lifestyle with his chin bush. Seriously boss, it’s gotta go. But at any rate, Nurture and Antpile are both talented screamo bands from Athens, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia respectively and have come together with a nice small handful of songs for the those who enjoy high frequencies.

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It Looks Sad. - Self-Titled (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Who It Is: It Looks Sad. – Self-Titled; Tiny Engines (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Beach Fossils, Modest Mouse, Surfer Blood, Philadelphia emo


Looking at the notes that I took upon first listening to It Looks Sad.’s debut EP Self-Titled, my first impression of the record was that “this band knows what it is doing.” Several more listens in, this impression has definitely been upheld. The four songs on Self-Titled are thoughtful compositions that paint a catchy background for guitarists Jimmy Turner and Josh Wilson’s distinct vocal style.

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