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Personality Disorders - Get Over Yourself (Reissue) (New York)

Who It Is: Personality Disorders - Get Over Yourself (Reissue); Sorry Girls Records (2014)

What It Sounds Like: flatsound, lo-fi devil music


A lot can change in a year; just ask Personality Disorders. The one-man lo-fi outfit/Funeral Sounds investigative reporter might have only been at it since last summer, but Get Over Yourself (Reissue) proves that, if anything, PD is riding on a line graph that only goes up. (Reissue) is not just a re-release of the original record on a physical medium; rather, it’s a complete rerecording of Personality Disorders’ first release, with two new tracks thrown in as well. Saying that Get Over Yourself and (Reissue) are the perfect bookends to PD’s catalogue seems like an obvious statement, but I can’t think of a better way to describe how the two records function. Fleshed out and eloquent but no less emotive, (Reissue) is the culmination of a year’s worth of growth for the artist - both musically and personally - and the result is astounding.

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Settler - dissociation songs (in the key of F) (Hudson, Massachusetts)

Who It Is: Settler - dissociation songs (in the key of F); Driftwood Records / Sorry Girls Records (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Donovan Wolfington, Summer Vacation, Title Fight


First things first. Settler’s 2013 LP Born to Whisper is one of the most underappreciated emo-punk releases of the past few years. In-your-face, creatively written, and excellently recorded, Born to Whisper really was like a contemporary The Last Thing You Forget, a post-emo revival The Last Thing You Forget, in that it’s mostly concerned with being fast and catchy and doesn’t give many fucks about being perfectly on key or professionally produced or appealing to some kind of niche group of fans. It’s loud and riffy, with just a touch of Two Knights-esque noodling and a lot of raw enthusiasm. Even if you think you’ve outgrown your Title Fight phase, rest assured, you haven’t. Settler will take you right back.

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Dikembe - Mediumship (Gainesville, Florida)

Who It Is: Dikembe - Mediumship; Tiny Engines (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Somewhere between The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (Brand New) and The Things We Think We’re Missing (Balance & Composure)


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Lilac Daze - Sedated (Frederick, Maryland)

Who It Is: Lilac Daze – Sedated; Black Numbers (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Tigers Jaw, Speedy Ortiz, Weezer, Superchunk, Wavves


In preparation for the release of their most recent EP, Sedated, Lilac Daze released a song called “Knives” into the Internet, thereabouts a month ago. A fitting choice perhaps, because this record does nothing if not cut through the hazy summer heat with a refreshing mix of songs that are one part cool lemonade and another electrifying energy drink. Now that that metaphor is over, let’s go over the specifics of how Lilac Daze puts together a fantastic EP that will have you dancing and bedroom moshing, and maybe even doing some thinking.

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WEEKLY: July 13 - July 20

Hi. This is a thing where we go over the past week in FS content and give you the most noteworthy stuff that went up. Think of it as a weekly recap. Only the good stuff. Nice.


Alex G - DSU

"From the first bend in “After Ur Gone” to the final piano note in “Boy”, Alex G has meticulously written a record that will go down as a classic in underground indie rock."- Jorge Velez // Listen

dæphne - Family Vacation

"…some truly thrilling displays of musical talent: the bridge of “Winona Ryder,” the outro of “What Summer Felt Like,” the final chorus of “Miscalculating Future Experiences.” Before long, dæphne will have worked out their kinks and taken the Boston area by storm; for now, Family Vacation is a worthwhile listen."- Ben Curttright // Listen

Ricky Eat Acid - Sun Over Hills

"With Sun Over Hills, Ray takes his newfound influences and successfully puts his own stylistic spin on them; you can hear bits of Rashad and Traxman and DJ Spinn, but this is still very obviously a Ricky Eat Acid release." - Evan Miller // Listen

Kill the Intellectuals - i hope you die painessly — with laugh lines and wrinkles around your eyes

"i hope you die painlessly is much more than a girl with an acoustic guitar in her bedroom, it’s a journey around her psyche through lo-fi hisses, blaring keyboards, and clipping guitars with the dreamy aura of her voice. So join Foster through all the manic parts of her mind as and hear her most intimate thoughts on life, death, and being a spacegirl sailor moon princess." - Jorge Velez // Listen

CUTTERS - We Are The Quarry

"Has an indie punk tune ever really changed the world? Maybe not, but a good indie punk tune can change lives. And that’s what CUTTERS are aiming for. To change their lives, not in the excessive shave-your-head-let’s-move-to-japan way, but rather, to change their lives from the 9-5 monotony to fun Saturday nights spent with beer and friends in the hopes they never end. And CUTTERS, you’ve won me over, I hope those nights don’t end too." - Jorge Velez // Listen

My Fictions - Stranger Songs

"My Fictions have taken the energy of hardcore and made it into a loudspeaker for an angst that is earnest and easy to connect to. This post-hardcore band out of Boston reminds us that while our lives and problems are infinitely small compared to those of the world and universe at large, the reality is that most of us live not in the wider world, but in our own universes, which expand and collapse endlessly. To the world, an individual’s tragedy is nothing, but to an individual it is nothing less than the end of the world." - Andres Gonzalez // Listen

Flowers In The Attic - DIE LOKOMOTIV

"…DIE LOKOMOTIV is a face-slap of fresh, electric rock riffs, suffused with an angry energy and carried by frontman Garret Rojas’s piercing vocals." - Asheer Meerovich // Listen


The Front Bottoms by Marykate Foley

Told Slant / Crying by Andrew Domginguez


P.S. 118 - Everything Is Made Up And Nothing Matters (Too Far Gone Records)

"Hey." - Mark Garza

Featured Content / Editorials / Whatever Else

TOUR DIARY?: “Hey, Kate Grube of Kittyhawk, can you write a summary about tour for Funeral Sounds, blog of emo?” “Sure.”

"From June 6 to June 28 of this year 2014 (Two Thousand and Fourteen,) I (Kate Grube) traversed across the midwestern, eastern, and southern regions of our great nation (USA) in a black and red short bus. Accompanied by our MVP road dog Mike Politowicz and our friends/CYLS lablemates in Free Throw, and Xerxes, we dubbed this adventure the Tour Tour. You see, aside from our tour’s primary objective (to rock,) we decided to make it a priority to seek out an extracurricular activity no less than every other day." - Kate Grube

Ellen Page (posing as Anna Serafini) Goes To SummerFest (To See Brand New, Into It. Over It. and Kittyhawk)

On July 4, the day Will Smith stuck the entire Statue of Liberty up his ass, I had the crazy privilege of seeing Into It. Over It., Kevin Devine, and - wait for it - Brand New at Milwaukee’s gloriously inexpensive SummerFest. It went something like this:…” - Anna Serafini/Ellen Page/whatever

Top 10 Blink-182 Songs That Aren’t The Hits

"Blink-182 was a lot of kids’ first drone band." - Jorge Velez

Told Slant / Crying at Holy Mountain in Austin, Texas July 15, 2014.

Told Slant discussed setup issues with the sound guy for approximately 5 minutes. A crowd of drunk college alumni are having a loud conversation outside, which starts an awkward beginning stare before the set begins from all members of Told Slant. They start playing anyway, louder than ever with emotion and bass drum. Approximately 5 modern baseball fans danced and sang each word of every song in the front row throughout their set. The members of Crying set up, while looking extremely nervous. The guitarist breaks a string during the second song. I ask the vocalist to tell a joke. “Knock knock.” “who’s there.” “me.” “me who.” “it’s me. let me in.” They continue to play 20 minutes of nintendocore, though I could only dance for the first five before feeling worn out.

See more of Andrew’s work on his website.

- Andrew Dominguez