12 Days of AOTY: #5

To go alongside our 12 Days of Giveaways, we’ll be posting our personal album of the year lists one by one, from 12 to 1. Each member of our staff (we’re recruiting, by the way) wrote a bit about why x album made y place on their list.

shamePetal – Shame
I’m going to echo Scott’s sentiments here: Shame is perfect fall music. (Tim Mulhern)

meptunosArden Klawitter – Meptunos
This space-pop record assimilates jazz sound and structure into a more expansive vision, using aggressive synthesizers and manic drumming to imagine an funked-out break in the space time continuum. Prone to monologue, Meptunos materializes deeply personal anxieties as a chaotic mass of rock and gas — jumping from visions of airport taxi cabs to dystopian spoken word in a cohesive collection of songs that might resemble a collaboration between Sun Ra and Brian Chippendale.(Zackary Kiebach)

fetty wapFetty Wap – Fetty Wap
Simple beats, smooth synths, and thick auto-tune. That’s the formula for a crooner rap record; and Jersey’s finest Fetty Wap doesn’t miss a note on his melody-driven self-title debut. (Nick Benevenia)

peripheral visionTurnover – Peripheral Vision
Equal parts instrumentally beautiful, vocally simple, and thematically complex, no band in the pop punk/emo/whatever scene got it as right as Turnover did this year with their 2nd full-length. (Eli Shively)

a1103461333_10Leftöver Crack – Constructs of the State
That crack rock steady beat is back and better than ever. Leftöver Crack has taken the past decade to improve as both musicians and songwriters. As always, this album see the band bringing in a wide variety of influences and sounds while always staying true to their crust punk energy and attitude. (Scott Fugger)

gloss demoG.L.O.S.S. – Demo
Despite the fact that it clocks in at just over eight minutes, this release is the most hard-hitting thing I’ve heard all year. Each line is packed with politically-charged trans anger, making it play out like a call to action. (James Jaskolka)

saunaMount Eerie – Sauna
Utterly captivating and mysterious, this new Mount Eerie album ranks with Phil Elverum’s very best work. It sounds like seeking refuge in a sauna buried in a blizzard.ied in a blizzard. (Jack Potz)

beach musicAlex G – Beach Music
If I thought I could anticipate what Alex G would release this year I would have been dead wrong. Beach Music is yet another album by him that shows that is his artistic ability is far beyond what we imagine and only continues to diversify. (Madi Guzman)

chorus chorus chorusGregory Pepper and His Problems – Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!
This is the first release from Gregory Pepper and His Problems where he isn’t hiding behind complicated, heavily layered electronic melodies. He traded in the drum machines and the keyboards for a classic rock and roll set up, and it suits him well. Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! is no-bullshit. It’s a short-and-sweet power pop record. And while it’s way less weird than his previous releases, it doesn’t come without Gregory’s own special brand of melancholy. (Hayley Ionia)

life's not out to get youNeck Deep – Life’s Not Out to Get You
Neck Deep made me feel a lot of things with this album – anger, happiness, indifference. But most of all, this album made me nostalgic. It took me back to 7th grade when I first discovered punk music (does Blink-182 even count as punk?). The album is simple and straightforward, but it has its own hints of progressive experimentation. Neck Deep took traditional aspects of pop punk and added their own unique twist to them in Life’s Not Out to Get You. The band created a refreshing new sound that fits perfectly between modern and old-school pop punk. (Angela Flores)

Desaparecidos-PayolaDesaparecidos – Payola
Payola pretty much made me care about politics I had no opinion on beforehand and it turns out Desaparecidos are the political punk band we needed in 2015. The first half of this album is fucking BLISTERING. Hardly any songs run over 3 minutes long and are anthemic “fuck yous” to big business. Payola plays out like a derailed freight train hurling into oblivion. (Kyle Kohl)

painted shutHop Along – Painted Shut
No conversation about Hop Along can seem to take place without some mention of Francis Quinlan’s voice. There is good reason for this, as she has one of the most unique and arresting voices in music today. Painted Shut finds Quinlan and company pairing instrumental melodies perfectly with her voice to craft a collection of hauntingly beautiful songs. (Corey Purcell)

summertime 06Vince Staples – Summertime ’06
I’ve been talking up Vince Staples since I first heard him feature on an Earl Sweatshirt track (“Wool” is probably my favorite track on I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside), so this “double album” was highly anticipated for me, and it did not disappoint. As Eli said, there’s not a single weak track to be found on this record, and Staples has cultivated a style all his own that constantly impresses. Perfectly paced and executed, Summertime ’06 made me beam with pride, in a way, for Vince Staples, and if that last track is any indication of what’s to come, Staples can only get better. (Mark Garza)

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