12 Days of AOTY 2015: #11

To go alongside our 12 Days of Giveaways, we’ll be posting our personal album of the year lists one by one, from 12 to 1. Each member of our staff (we’re recruiting, by the way) wrote a bit about why x album made y place on their list.
Swings – Sugarwater
Swings’ brand of mellow, jazz-inflected rock worked really well on Sugarwater. I love the band’s use of auto-tune. (Tim Mulhern)
the second floral ep
Floral – The Second Floral EP
A slamming math rock duo from Mountain View, California, Floral’s hard-to-search-on-the-internet name will be at the fingertips of every self-proclaimed math rock nerd within the next year. Wielding a Daisy Rock guitar and a penchant for polyrhythms, this makes me question what it means to be good at an instrument. (Zackary Kiebach)
spit at the sun
Banquets – Spit at the Sun
Swan-song records always bear a heavy heart, but New Jersey’s Banquets have no problem stitching it on their sleeves. Spit at the Sun is a ten song love letter to punk rock, summed up with the mantra: “stay young, stay loud, stay brash and bold.” To one of the last great melodic punk bands, I salute you. (Nick Benevenia)
Eskimeaux – O.K.
Equal parts delicate and powerful, Eskimeaux is the quiet champion of today’s femme-pop scene. Upon first listen, one may mistakenly think Bon Iver and Frankie Cosmos decided to write a record together. (Eli Shively)
joy departed
Sorority Noise – Joy, Departed
2015 has been a huge year for the discussion of mental health in the music industry and Sorority Noise has played a huge role in that. Joy, Departed is an intelligent, varied, and catchy collection of songs as only Sorority Noise could make them. (Scott Fugger)
supersonic home
Adventures – Supersonic Home
As sonically intense as their hardcore alter-ego Code Orange, Adventures managed to craft an indie-punk record that feels huge, helped by infectious melodies. Vocalist Reba Meyers’ unique voice, paired with keyboardist Kimi Hanauer’s harmonies, makes this one of the year’s best releases. (James Jaskolka)
how to get where you want to go
Human Potential – How You Get Where You Want To Go
This refreshingly creative studio project of Andrew Becker churned out a fantastic product with this album of grand psychedelic and experimental rock. (Jack Potz)
Looming – Nailbiter
The instruments are smooth. The riffs are catchy. But the reason I love this album is the mixture of strange vocals, this sort of natural inflection that’s constantly present, the fact that they’re kind of nasily. The vocals float above the instruments and croon beautiful lyrics at you. (Madi Guzman)
go to prison
Pears – Go To Prison
Go To Prison is all over the fucking place, but that’s what’s so fucking great about it. The spastic energy created by the shifts from hardcore verses to melodic choruses shouldn’t work as well as well as it does, especially on a debut album, but Pears has this shit on lock. It feels wrong to describe this album as catchy, but it’s catchy as all hell. Like, tapping your foot along, but in the angriest way possible, kind of catchy. (Hayley Ionia)
Spraynard – Mable
Mable is a battle cry for the under-appreciated. The album sees the band reflecting inward instead of outward. It is so much more polished and engaging than the band’s previous releases. (Angela Flores)
carrie & lowell
Sufjan Stevens – Carrie and Lowell
This is the year’s most difficult listen. I was scared to listen to this album because it would detour any mood I had to absolute sorrow. I don’t have many words for this album. I think it’s an achievement. Sufjan is an angel. (Kyle Kohl)
nonstop feeling
Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling
I don’t listen to much hardcore, but I loved this album. Does that make me a poseur? Maybe. Does it mean that Turnstile are such great genre innovators putting out such incredible material that even hardcore outsiders can get down with their music? Most definitely. (Corey Purcell)
no problem
Yeesh – No Problem
I gave the first track a minute to impress me, like I do all things (don’t live like me), and Yeesh successfully blew all my expectations away. A powerful knack for dynamics and excellent songwriting really make this album for me. (Mark Garza)

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