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Okay, we know, we know: content has slowed down a bit. This is reasonable, maybe. We’re all trying our best. Funeral Sounds now boasts, as a publication, another high school graduate [great job, Eli Shively!], a couple more Pennsylvanians [hope the move went well, Ashlee! I’ll be joining you soon!], and an almost-seventeen Mark Garza [can’t believe you’re turning 15 for the third year running!].

I also just got back from a successful tour with my [plug] band Naturally the foundation will bear your expenses, for which sometimes-but-not-often contributor Andrea Villanueva plays trumpet.


Cop our split with Jorge Velez’s very own Personality Disorders here.


Here are some albums FS staffers have been digging a lot lately, organized into a clickable list with audio links and a li’l description. It’s not comprehensive. It doesn’t even include Eskimeaux. Have you heard the new Eskimeaux? It’s gonna be my album of the year. Here, I Photoshopped a higher score than Pitchfork gave it onto the cover to prove it:

esk w pf

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

‘This is easily Subaru’s most minimalistic record yet, but it has so much charm and beauty that it totally makes up for it. His tiny voice is just too much for my tiny heart. Don’t sleep on it, rather, sleep to it.’
– Jacob Bessman

Milo – I wish my brother Rob was here

‘I’ve been a pretty big hip-hop fan for a while now, but so-called “art rap” never seemed to rub me just the right way – that is, until I first heard Milo. His first mixtape “I wish my brother Rob was here” highlights all of his strengths as an artist perfectly, from his ear for unconventionally enthralling production to his unparalleled honesty to his endearing, subtle sense of humor.’
– Eli Shively

Hurry – Everything/Nothing

‘Matt Scottoline from Everyone Everywhere’s new band is hitting me just as the giant cosmic dial is crossing from bouncy emo to fuzzed-out slacker rock, a category to which Hurry definitely, to an extent, belong; still, there’s emo influence here, and ‘Everything/Nothing,’ with its simple chord progressions and occasional ‘doot doot doo’-ing, is the only record ever to genuinely remind me of The Promise Ring.’
– Ben Curttright

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
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‘I’ve been getting yelled at by 4-9 year olds for 45 hours every week. I also rediscovered Swing Lo Magellan by the Dirty Projectors and been listening to Ratboys and too much.’
– Ruy de Magalhaes

Hop Along – Painted Shut

‘I’ve listened to this record so so much since it was released. Hop Along has been in the back of my mind since I saw them in the fall but I never took the time to really appreciate them until this record came out. I keep coming back to it for different reasons but it hasn’t gotten old yet.’
– Timothy Mulhern

flatsound – sleep

‘Been listening a lot to my tape copy of this album (still conveniently available at funeralsounds.storenvy.com) It is a really nice album to put on while the sun is out and the day is quiet, it’s a nice headspace for just cleaning or reading.’
– Jorge Velez

Winter Break – Winter Break

‘@punk music
do more of this’
– also Jorge Velez

Jaguar Love – Hologram Jams

‘I’ve been listening to A LOT of Jaguar Love. It was Johnny Whitney’s (of Blood Brothers fame) latter band. It’s way more ‘scene’ than the blood brothers but still has the same level of angst. Listen to “Highways of Gold” first. But “Evaline” is their best song. I’m spiraling into a grindcore phase now tho. if anyone has any suggestions…’
Hayley Ionia

Tenement – Predatory Headlights

‘I’ve been digging into the new Tenement record “Predatory Headlights” that came out on Don Giovanni this past week. It’s a big record in both length and scope coming from the band that’s reinvigorated Wisconsin’s DIY scene. This record comes as a huge polarizing discussion point amongst my friends and I, and it’s so strange that the New York Times is in on the discussion now. With all this said, I’m still figuring out how much I actually like it.’
– Kyle Kohl

Monobody – Monobody

”I’ve been BUMPING this group called Monobody. it’s really intricate jazz-math with two bassists. idk how that works. it also has Nnamdi from Para-Medics on drums.’
– Zackary Kiebach

A$AP ROCKY – At.Long.Last.ASAP.


‘i’ve been listening to A$AP Rocky a lot, and not for any particular reason. like, i don’t love his new record by any means but i just keep listening to it.’
– Mark Garza

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 20.07.05
Robert Arby

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