Funeral Sounds For Lovers: A DIY Valentine’s Day

In which Zackary Kiebach gives you a Valentine’s Day playlist for your lonely Saturday. Don’t worry, we’re alone too.

“My I Love You” by Frankie Cosmos

Zentropy by Frankie Cosmos

“My I Love You” is another twee-pop effort from Frankie Cosmos as she continues to record relatable and heartbreaking songs about her cute Shih Tzu, Joe. Gracing the face of many album covers, Joe’s presence throughout her first studio record Zentropy is both all-consuming and unwaveringly bittersweet. While I still don’t think it’s possible to compare a love to a person with Frankie’s love for her dog, this track is extraordinarily cute with lyrics like “If you drop a pea/You’re not there to pick it up for me.” It pretty much just makes me want to cuddle with my own dog and drink a gallon of hot cocoa. Anyways, I guess you could always imagine this track is directed toward a person and cuddle with them too.

“Tough Stuff” by Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop II by peach kelli pop

Formerly recorded under “Tucson Song,” “Tough Stuff” is just about as cute and lovey-dovey as any other Peach Kelli Pop release. I like this one in particular because of the sweet 8-bit bubble sounds semi randomly spaced throughout the track. As a whole, this track is hip and catchy and will probably make your significant other smooch you. If you’re single and with a pet, they will also smooch you.

“Simple Words” by Diners

Throw Me a Ten by Diners

“Simple Words” is, well, sweet and simple. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Diners is probably the catchiest indie pop outfit to ever have a name as hard to Google search as “Diners.” The chorus (“I don’t think you could ever understand what it is I’d feel without you”) makes this song perfect for lovers in fear of their significant others (or pets) leaving them.

“Center” by Quarterbacks


I think I discovered Quarterbacks when Teen Suicide linked their Bandcamp in a Facebook status. Unlike most ironically “sporty” band names, I think Dean Engle might be the first person that actually likes sports (see songs “Sportscenter” and “Knicks”). None of that is particularly relevant to Valentine’s Day, but the Quarterbacks discography is so full of love and whimsy that it kinda speaks for itself. I guess if your lover likes sports (ironically or otherwise), you should play this while making out.

“Memories of You” by Avi Buffalo

At Best Cuckold by Avi Buffalo

The only reason I included this song (other than my love for Avi Buffalo) is the fact that he manages to pull off the lyric “I’m a cheese ball on fire” in an otherwise relatively sincere pop song. Other than that, this song has a warm tape-y buzz and a fun guitar solo which make it good in its own right. However, my dog
would probably eat me if I quoted the cheese ball bit to him.

“Cute Thing” by Car Seat Headrest

Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest

This track contains an open invitation from Will Toledo to “Come visit Kansas for a week of debauchery/Songs and high fives and weird sex.” I’d include an address if I could. Other than that, this track is pretty much just straight lo-fi Seattle fuzz rock with pretty scandalous lyrics if you’re in that mood (uh oh). He also references his dog at some point, I think.

“To Be Close To You” by Julia Brown

to be close to you by Julia Brown

“To Be Close To You” is a minute of buzzed-out bedroom pop good for lovers with a short attention span and/or a taste for lo-fi synthesizers. This might also bum your lover out. There are no dog references.

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