TOUR DIARY: The Gang (Spill) Goes to Richmond

Raf was like, “Hey Mark, can we post our tour diaries on Funeral Sounds?” and I was like, “New phone, who dis?” Three days late(r), here we are. Spill is currently on tour with Straw Hats in support of their debut self-titled EP through Broken World Media. This diary covers the first and second date of the nine day tour.


“Yeah we’re civilized; so what?”
Baltimore, Maryland -> Richmond, Virginia
February 10 + 11, 2016

Well, here we are. It’s my first tour since 2012 and I’m pretty psyched about it. Last night wasn’t anything amazing but it got things off to an auspicious enough start. I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes after about 20 minutes of driving because the van doesn’t have any heat. But I did drink an entire bottle of Chardonnay and Straw Hats played a killer set, so I guess it evened out. I thought our set was going to be a bit shaky because we’re playing as a 3-piece and trying out a lot of new songs, but it actually worked out really well. We love these new ones so it’s dope to finally get to play them for everyone and see what they think. People were definitely partying so I guess we’re on the right track.

We stayed at my friend’s Megan’s house and woke up pretty early to make our way to Richmond. I know that there’s this conception that going on tour is some wild thing out of Jimmy Page’s memoirs, but it’s honestly just a collection of the most mundane moments and activities in the world. So far it’s mostly been a lot of driving, freezing, and eating trash food. Though today we spent about an hour at a Wal-mart looking for gloves and stuff to deal with cold, so that was a real thrill …and then we went to Target to look some more which a great way to relax after all the savings we had just experienced. But either way, we safely got to the house we’re playing at tonight, and not only is there a sweet cat but now we’re watching a seemingly endless stream of hair metal music videos. So today couldn’t really get any better as far as I’m concerned. As long as we get to make some new friends, play our songs, and get enough cash to make our way to the next show, the last two days can be considered a rousing success. Now that isn’t too much to ask, right?

Spill plays in Lakewood, Ohio today:

And tomorrow in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:


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