TOUR DIARY: The Gang (It’s Spill, Still) Goes to Nashville To Make Depressing Tour Sandwiches

Raf was like, “Hey Mark, can we post our tour diaries on Funeral Sounds?” and I was like, “New phone, who dis?” How time flies. Spill is currently on tour with Straw Hats in support of their debut self-titled EP through Broken World Media. This diary covers the fourth date of the nine day tour.

“I’ve got my own wifi and it’s on the back of my eyelids”

Greensboro, North Carolina -> Nashville, Tennessee
February 12 + 13, 2016

Well, Greensboro turned into a wild shit show. The gig took forever, we got propositioned for hard drugs (“are you a cop?”), and someone clipped off our side view mirror as we were getting into the van. Wild! And then of course we had to face a frigid seven hour journey to Nashville. We’ve at least gotten a hang of how to deal with the cold. Everyone slips fully clothed into their sleeping bag, we toss in a few hand warmer packets, and try our best to keep our hands off our phones and inside of our bags. The driver gets a raw deal because they can only wrap a sleeping bag around their legs and hope for the best. But thankfully I was lucky enough to be in the back so I got to nap for about four hours. Best drive of tour!

When we got into town we picked up an old friend of ours and headed straight to the venue. The show was starting pretty early so we abandoned all hopes of vegan hot chicken and went to a grocery store to make Depressing Tour Sandwiches. A proper DTS consists of anything that can be grifted or bought for very, very cheap. This time it was soon-to-expire bakery bread (50 cents a loaf), avocados, tofurkey slices, vegan cream cheese, and a variety of free condiments procured from the deli-to-go area. It ends up lasting a few days but, considering our van essentially doubles as a fridge right now, it works out well enough.

East Nashville is a strange place. It’s undergoing a clear gentrifying boom and you can tell that things are moving a mile a minute. You can still see the skeleton of the old depressed commercial highway beneath the veneer of commercial street art and white Christmas lights. Our friend told us plenty about the changing dynamics of the city, the types of people moving in and those forced out. Definitely seems like a wild scene. One of the fun parts of tour is visiting so many different towns and getting an idea of what makes them tick. But of course, you can only learn so much because of the limited time you have in each city. Either way, Nashville seems like a really awesome place and it’ll be interesting to see how it changes over the next few years.

Tomorrow, Spill plays the final date on their tour, in Philadelphia:

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