GEAR INTERVIEW: Dylan (Tiny Moving Parts) Puts Dogs On The Grill

dylan flying

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Give me a basic run-through of what you use.

Alright, so I use a Fender Super-Sonic 60 watt head. It was originally a combo amp but we took out the speaker, me and my friend from Minneapolis, he helps me out with all my gear problems. Like, every time I screw up on a pedal I always go back to him and he fixes it for me so he knows a lot about that shit. So we took out the speaker so I put it as a head and the I plug up to like, I think, some Marshall 4×12 cab, and that’s about it for my amp.

Why is it green, is it just because you like green?

I fucking love green! Dude, yeah it’s cool!

How did you get the dog print on the grill?

Aww, dude, so every tour I like to put like a new print or like a new design for like, the grill, or whatever you want to call it, and, like we did a holiday tour and I did, like, some, like, Christmas pattern with all these Christmas trees on it, and all this design stuff. And then this tour, I was thinking about doing something because on this tour we’re doing Valentines Day, but I was like “but I don’t want a hot pink with a bunch of hearts on it for the whole tour.” I was thinking about changing it, like, the day of Valentines Day, but it takes longer than you’d think, for some odd reason; unscrewing everything and taking all the speakers and stuff out, so I just thought, you know, I love dogs, and I saw it at the store and thought “dude, I need that.”

Lets go to your pedalboard next.

Yeah, so what I’m currently using, I’m trying to remember actually, I run two Line 6 DL4’s.

Did you listen to a lot of Minus the Bear growing up?

Dylan: I actually didn’t! I know that they run like 4 or something.

I think it’s 3. When I saw 2, I thought “Oh, he must listen to Minus the Bear.”

Dylan: I mean, I’ve definitely heard, what’s that like dinner party song, where it’s like *Dylan vocalizes the intro to “Absinthe Party at the Fly Warehouse”*, and I like it, I just never really like, listened to that band, like, too often, but when I was younger I was heavily influenced by The Fall of Troy’s guitar work

Doppelganger was a great album! I was just listening to it the other day.

I love that shit! I still listen back nostalgically, like, “oh my gosh, this is fucking awesome.” So, like, that really influenced me, because, like, I remember seeing, like, Tom Erak (The Fall of Troy) like, looping stuff, and I was like “what the hell is that?”, and, yeah then eventually I saved up enough money when I worked at a grocery store being a carry out boy, carrying groceries out to everybody, I saved up a bunch of money and bought a DL4, and that was when I was like 15 years old, and now I’m like 23 now and I…

Go for another one!

Exactly!  I run two, so I’ve got 2 DL4’s on my board, I’ve got another loop station, it’s like an RC-30, from like…

It’s a Boss right?

Yeah! That’s what it is, and then I have a Blues Driver, and some $25 reverb.

Is it a Behringer?

Yeah, yeah. I bought it on Amazon.

They’re sick!

Yeah they’re sick as hell!

You get great pedals for like, $5, I love it.

And all my friends, friends who know 50 million times more about gear than I do, they told me “don’t fucking buy that pedal. That pedal suck, oh it’s bad tone,” and I’m like, you know what, it’s $25 and I want a reverb. So I bought that, and I love it! Like, it’s cheap plastic, and I’ve used it like, for like 5 or 6 tours and it hasn’t broken yet and I’m satisfied, and it does what I want it to do.

Is it one of the more recent tours the you picked up another Telecaster?


Because I’m like “Wow! He’s not playing the minty green one!” Did the green come stock on that?

Dude, I bought it off Ebay when I was working that carryout boy grocery job. I saved up enough money my senior year of high school and I bought that guitar with all the money I ever had. Like, I just want a really cool guitar, and I wanted a Telecaster, and I remembered seeing that on Ebay, like that color, and I was like “Holy shit,” that is beautiful. I want that, and then I got it, and it was in perfect condition, and, yeah, I mean I love it, and I tried, when I bought my second Telecaster, I tried looking up a different pastel blue or something, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, unless you want to customize it or something, and that’s even pretty expensive, so I just went with the natural wood thinline, and I love it. I mean, it’s like half as [heavy].

I’ve played them and I love it.

Dude, I love it so much! Like, I love the tone is and everything, and then it’s like half as [heavy] as my green guitar, and, it’s movement and everything is a lot better.

You throw yourself around that stage.

Yeah, dude. It’s fun getting into it. I’m so happy with how everything is right now and yeah, I love the thinlines, dude. They kick ass; they’re badass.

So are you a humbucker guy, over single coil?

Yeah, I guess so.

Do you have an allegiance? Would you be willing to fight someone in a parking lot over it?

No! Dude, I don’t know too much about gear, honestly, like, I honesty don’t. All I know is, like, if I break a string on stage and someone else is, like, “Here! Use my guitar,” and I’ll play it, I’ll be like “oh my gosh this is completely different.” But I still haven’t experienced too much with other guitars because I just play the thinlines, and I don’t know, I should be experiencing more, though, since I play guitar.

Do you use anything special regarding cables go, or do you just grab what’s cheapest at Guitar Center?

What’s cheapest.

That’s what I do.

I just grab whatever the hell I can get. I mean, whatever’s cheap on the road. I mean, what’s nice with Guitar Center is you can buy a certain type of cable and get it replaced for free, unlimited, forever. I mean, I got 2 Monster cables, and they haven’t failed me yet, so I guess I’m on the Monster board, but, I mean, whatever. I’m not dedicated. I’m not like “oh, I need a Monster cable.” I just go with whatever’s cheap and convenient.

Are you the same way with strings?

So, right now I use Ernie Ball Skinny-Top Heavy-Bottom. It’s like the 10-52. I used to like to do, like, the 9 gauge.

Yeah, I use 9 gauge on my Jazzmaster.

Which is sick! Like, the tapping and it just flows better, it doesn’t hurt your fingers as much.

Except when you put brand new ones on there and and it stabs your hands.

Exactly, and at shows I would break strings all the time. Sometimes I strum too hard, like, I tried telling myself “Have fun, obviously, whatever happens happens, but if you can at all avoid breaking or beating the shit out of it.” And then my friend recommended them to me and was like, “dude, go to 10’s.” It’s a night and day difference, and I haven’t broken a string on stage, knock on wood, in quite some time.

My biggest issue with running 9’s on my Jazzmaster [the low E] constantly pops out, because that bridge sucks.

We just went on tour with Dads, and I know Scott has a Jazzmaster, and he was saying he has some problems. He’s experimenting with some different bridges and stuff. He said it’s a beautiful guitar, but I’ve heard there are issues with bridges. It’s just something you’ve got to spend more time on.

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