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Growing Apart is the recent second EP from Somerset, KY’s Leaving. Each track on this four-song release has a different vibe and sound, though they all fall under the general category of emo. Having debuted the EP’s single on New Noise and soon to be embarking a tour to support it, Leaving is a band that is worthy of being on your radar.

One thing that stood out to me with Growing Apart as opposed to your first EP is the improvement in sound quality. Could you talk a little bit about the writing and recording process and how things have changed?

The writing process in Growing Apart was surprisingly an easy process. Each song sort of fell into place. Nothing was forced, which we believe is one of the largest improvements between the two releases. I mean sure, we’re definitely shifting direction in our sound. Especially away from the sound we had in Nothing Feels Right. But overall, we’ve each grown a lot since the release of Nothing Feels Right, and we really wanted to show that in our newest release.
Growing Apart was recorded with Perry Wesley, of Messes, who is our longtime friend. We took the recording a lot more seriously this time, and we spent a lot more time on each song. We actually put forth money for mastering this time around, and we know that also played an enormous part.

Musically there is a relatively large amount of variation in your songs, from the fast and heavy to more subdued and twinkly. How did the band settle on this particular sound? Who are some of your major influences and what does Leaving offer to fans that those bands don’t?

You’re absolutely correct. Our sound plays off many different influences. We haven’t really tried to settle for one sound – we just play what feels right for the song. Whether that be a heavier, harsh tone, or a lighter, more uplifting sound. We each have many influences from many different styles of music such as: Weatherbox, Beach House, Harvey Danger, or sometimes even heavier bands like Converge. We try to draw influence from all the styles of music that we enjoy. I’d like to think we offer our songs and concepts in a straightforward way, without sacrificing too much of a sense of self-interpretation for the listener. But, we don’t want to say that other bands that influence us don’t do the same. That’s a tough question, for sure!

“Taboo,” the single for this release, is about a friend lost to drugs and alcohol. The name of the song and the last line, “But no one said a word,” highlights that challenging nature of discussing these types of issues. What is it you hope for people to take away from this?

Our hope is that some people out there can relate to our music. Leaving has and always will be about relating to people and helping people relate to us. There’s a special sort of bond when someone says how much your music helped them. We all feel and experience things in a number of different ways. Sometimes there are people out there who don’t have anyone to relate to. We hope to pay it forward. Maybe our music might help someone realize that they’re never alone in hard times.

 What are you most looking forward to on the upcoming tour to support the new EP?

I’m glad you asked! We are definitely looking forward to playing these songs in new places in support of this EP. As well as meeting new people, and hopefully making some new friends along the way. We’re not extremely outgoing people, so sometimes this can be a little difficult. But we always look forward to meeting people who help break us out of our shells. This is one of our favorite parts of tour.

How’s the local scene in Kentucky? Who are some other local bands you’d recommend people to check out?

The local scene in KY can be hit or miss, especially in our tiny town. We come from a population of roughly 12,000 people. We’re isolated from the interstate. We have nothing more than a waterfall and lake to offer the tourists. But on some Friday, Saturday, even Sunday nights – there are anywhere from 40-80 kids that come out to shows. If you haven’t checked them out already, two very important bands reside in our hometown. We’re all very, very close friends, and it would be great if you gave them a listen: Messes and The Menagerie. Both bands are full of kind, talented folks.

What else should we be looking out for from Leaving in the near future?

We’re writing new songs, currently. We have little touring plans for 2016 at the moment. March will be our time for supporting the EP, and we’re still booking that. We’re taking this year to write as much as possible. A few things we hope to accomplish this year include the release of our first split, the release of a third EP, and some much needed self-exploration.  Not only for ourselves, but for the future of Leaving.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

March 15th – Indianapolis, IN – Grammaw’s House*
March 16th – Bowling Green, KY – Nightmare House*
March 17th – Cincinnati, OH – TBD/NEED HELP*
March 21st – Knoxville, TN – Longbranch Saloon

*-with Drunk Uncle


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