A Vampire Named Vlad Stars in Scarves’ Music Video for “Tag!”

scarves music video
I’ve never heard a band that fits the dream punk moniker better than Seattle-based Scarves. From their latest record Empty Houses comes “Tag!”, a catchy three-minute dreamy-indie-pop-punk-ish jam. In the music video for “Tag!” premiering below, directed by Benajmin Owens and starring frontman Niko Stathakopoulos and Dylan Kloch, a vampire named Vlad and his mummy friend go door to door handing out pamphlets on the wonderful time that is the afterlife in an attempt to persuade one lucky guest to be their +1. After getting rejected and seemingly almost killed, they’re finally accepted into a friendly girl’s home where the mummy friend is incapable of turning on the projector. It’s a lighthearted, humorous video that fits the tune. Check it out below and listen to Empty Houses here, like Scarves on Facebook to keep up with them here.

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