PREMIERE: Arizona Landmine Are “Too High”

It’s appropriate that “Too High,” the second single from Arizona Landmine’s upcoming EP When Will I Ever Learn, opens with a soundbite from King of the Hill’s Hank Hill, doubly so that the five-track EP is being released by Texas Is Funny Records. “Huh, that’s a funny lookin’ cigarette. You roll it yourself?” Kids these days love pot. Arizona Landmine are a breath of fresh air in a stagnant, repetitive emo scene. The four-piece have a lot of talent in them, comparisons going the way of My Heart To Joy, Sixteen and Grown Ups. Listen to “Too High” below.

Mark Garza

About Mark Garza

Mark Garza is the co-founder and owner of Funeral Sounds. They also work as a freelance publicist for Dragonfoot PR, and is listed at the "Lazy Web Guy" at Texas Is Funny Records. They need money. Hire them to make your website or something.

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