PREMIERE: Hit the “Asphalt” Running With Yuppie Teeth’s Latest Track


I love terrible headlines, honestly. I also love me some good ol’ fashion indie ruckus. Lucky for me, and maybe you too, this post has both. Yuppie Teeth is a band from New Orleans, Louisiana comprised of FS alumni Ruy De Magalhaes on guitar and vocals alongside Stephen Hansel on drums and Conor Brodnick playing bass. “Asphalt” is from their upcoming EP II, is their first new material in over a year, showing their departure from a grittier garage rock to softer, more melodic and smooth indie rock, more detailed and smarter than before.

EP II, consisting of three songs,¬†will release August 21st digitally and on tape August 26th on Half White/Half Dead, De Magalhaes’ new label. Stream “Asphalt” below.

Mark Garza

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Mark Garza is the co-founder and owner of Funeral Sounds. They also work as a freelance publicist for Dragonfoot PR, and is listed at the "Lazy Web Guy" at Texas Is Funny Records. They need money. Hire them to make your website or something.

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