PREMIERE: Heavy Horse – ‘The Spoils Of Youth Laid Waste By Age’ (Waybridge Records / Eat Tapes)


St. Louis’ post-hardcore/doom outfit Heavy Horse follow up their debut album with this – The Spoils of Youth Laid Waste By Age. The release is set for February 13th, Waybridge and Eat Tapes (both STL labels) are co-releasing it on tape. The Waybridge link is already online and the tape can be ordered here.

FFO: Sludge, Post-Hardcore, Grunge, & Touche Amore back in 2009

I first came across Heavy Horse at a house show in St. Louis. I stood in the right of the room, behind a pa speaker for the next 14 minutes.
The set was pedal suffused, filled with heavily articulated vocals, and blended together minimally to produce a doomed atmosphere. The set ended, and I was left emotional.
This new record lives up to every bit of that, and a bit more. We’re very happy that Heavy Horse agreed to stream it a week early.

Seth (Vocals/Bassist):

The cassette is being released with the help of two St. Louis labels, Waybridge Records and Eat Tapes.
Writing this record was really good for the band as a whole, we feel like we took risks and grew a great deal.
We wanted to bring more honesty and passion than we had in the past, and we’re all really happy with how it turned out.
We recorded it in the summer with our good friend Chuck Parson. We didn’t try to, but everything we did with this album ended up being very St. Louis-
recorded, mixed, mastered and released all locally. Whether thats good or bad I don’t know, but we like it.
We hope to do some weekend dates and tour regionally in support of this record. We’ve never been dead set on making it, or achieving some sort of recognition-
we’re just looking to make music we love and share it with who we can. Luckily St. Louis has been extremely kind to us over the past three years and we’ve had a great time.

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