PREMIERE: House Olympics / Dog Breeds Split (Waybridge Records / Paperweight Records)

We first heard about House Olympics when they sent us their music and Anna wrote a review of their first EP. We first heard about Dog Breeds when House Olympics told us they’d be doing a split with them and wanted to premiere it on Funeral Sounds. Now we’re here. 

While both bands come from a not-too-dissimilar place musically, both House Olympics and Dog Breeds have their own distinctions on the four-track split, with House Olympics imploring the angrier, yellier side of emo (Anna described it as simply “wave” in their review) and Dog Breeds leaning more towards indiemo bands that like to do that twinkle thing. Thankfully, Dog Breeds don’t overdo it, allowing both bands to showcase two superb songs from each of their camps. The split is being released on cassette tape by Waybridge Records and Paperweight Records soon. Listen below. 

Mark Garza

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