PREMIERE: Middle Child – “Regret: Flesh” (Self-Released)

We don’t talk about metalcore a lot on Funeral Sounds, besides that one review of Issues a certain Will Hartle did. In that review, Will criticized his fellow staff members (mostly me) at the time for lamenting metalcore as “derivative” and “awful” and “repetitive” and “dumb.” Maybe I added a couple things. The merit of the genre was an often talked about topic within our internal community. Well, Will, here you go: I’m doing a write-up for a metalcore single.

So, what caused the change of heart? Well, “Regret: Flesh,” the lead single from Lakeland, Florida outfit Middle Child’s (formerly known as Lambs Like Lions) new EP As Performed By, is a beacon of hope in a genre plagued by genericism and uninventive mindsets that insist on including a breakdown in every song. Middle Child take the usual characteristics of metalcore, throw in some influences of hardcore and djent, and come up with a heavy, exciting two and a half minute teaser that does away with all the tropes.

Vocalist Joshua Bowlby said about the track:

This song is actually quite personal to me; but, I think it is still relatable to listeners in some senses. The name of the songs on this album were purposed to reflect the theme of each song; giving the listener kind of a preview of what it may be about in a poetic kind of way. “Regret:Flesh” illustrates my personal struggle through lust and addiction. I battled with pornography growing up. Not that this song is written in a preachy way, but more of a realization of internal difficulties that my struggle brought forth. This is me understanding my personal guilt and overcoming through suffering. Its a personal battle that a lot of people face, and by my writing and screaming about it out loud every show helps to keep me accountable by reminding me how far I have come from the beginnings of my struggles with my addiction. I am hoping that this may help someone who may have the same issues.

You can download or purchase the track as a pay-what-you-want here.

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