PREMIERE: So Much For Bestfriends / Koala Tea Time – ‘Split’ (Elsewhere Record Co. / NOG Records)


Andrew Dominguez: I’m not sure exactly when or how I met Micah (drummer of So Much For Bestfriends), but I’ve talked to him more than anyone else on the internet over the past year. I’m happy that Funeral Sounds is apart of streaming their latest split with Koala Tea Time. It’s being released through Elsewhere Record Co. & NOG Records. You can currently pre-order the split through NOG Records here.

Eli Shively: As musicians, Koala Tea Time and So Much For Bestfriends don’t have a lot in common. The plodding, despondent indie folk of the former and the latter’s unapologetic, twinkle-tinged screamo certainly aren’t going to be ending up on the same “RIYL” list anytime soon. What they do share, though, is a distinct sense of emotional transparency that draws the split together into a complete package. The struggles they’re experiencing may be different, but the way they deal with them is the same – baring their souls through their music.

FFO: Angsty songs about growing up.

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