PREMIERE: tinder buttons – “writing//” (Ozona Records)

tinder buttons

tinder buttons, an indie rock band from Suffolk, Virginia, will be releasing their debut EP on Ozona Records, titled TBEP. Track three on the four-song EP is “writing//,” a three-minute tune that starts off sounding a bit like a mumbling, grittierĀ empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), eventually building up into an impressive, jangly burst of immediate indie ruckus. Check it out below.

Mark Garza

About Mark Garza

Mark Garza is the co-founder and owner of Funeral Sounds. They also work as a freelance publicist for Dragonfoot PR, and is listed at the "Lazy Web Guy" at Texas Is Funny Records. They need money. Hire them to make your website or something.

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