PREMIERE / RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: Struckout’s ‘What You Deserve’ Coming to Tape, Stream “Everyone’s Watching, Nobody Cares”


There’s a frantic, anxious desperation in Daniel Speer’s voice when he pleads to himself, “Everyone’s watching, don’t make a mistake, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon,” on the opening track to Struckout‘s second album, What You Deserve. It’s hard to believe the Long Beach noise punk outfit is a three-piece, but that seems to be a trend these days: smaller bands sounding as enormous and fulfilled as their bigger counterparts. “Everyone’s Watching, Nobody Cares” can be seen as a preamble of sorts, an explanation to what What You Deserve means to Speer specifically, who writes all the lyrics, yells all the words. There’s power in his staggering, breathy lines, the kind that demands your attention. “I want this to be bigger than me / And maybe it’ll be all I get to say.”

What You Deserve is out November 21st. We’ll be releasing 100 red foil-lined cassette tapes around that time. Pre-orders will be up soon.

Mark Garza

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Mark Garza is the co-founder and owner of Funeral Sounds. They also work as a freelance publicist for Dragonfoot PR, and is listed at the "Lazy Web Guy" at Texas Is Funny Records. They need money. Hire them to make your website or something.

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