Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Adult Summers (Albany, New York)


Who It Is: Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Adult Summers; Broken World Media (2015)

What It Sounds Like: Rozwell Kid, distorted pop punk, Weezer-core


 Prince Daddy & The Hyena represent the latest rung on Broken World Media’s ladder to world domination. This band fits into the Weezer-core corner Broken World’s eclectic catalog, alongside labelmates Rozwell Kid and alumni Sorority Noise. Adult Summers brings together pop punk energy, overdriven guitar, and sing-along lyrics to form an enjoyable 10-minute rollercoaster of music.

The EP comes out swinging with the two-part title track. These two sections are obvious extensions of each other, linked seamlessly together by the snarky comments of a certain cartoon robot. The hard vocals and guitar groove set the tone for the rest of the record, ramping up as part two begins to really show what the band is capable of.

Compared to the first transition, the second is much less smooth. “Adult Summers (PART 2)” ends with a short and strange electronic outro, which if removed would allow for a much better flow into “I’m A Bum.” This song is definitely the most Weezer-like of the bunch. High-pitched “ooooo”s lead into the chorus of “I’m a bum / I’m a fucking bum,” while other lyrical tidbits include “Dom’s got good looks and he’s skinny / god’s not real and I’m not happy / and I’ve got man tits.”

Adult Summers closes with the ever so subtle “***HIDDEN TRACK***.” This tune works well labeled as a bonus track because of its stripped down arrangement, featuring a machine drumbeat and chiming xylophone for the majority of the song. This makes for a catchy, head-bobbing feel, but stays true to the light lyrical style with lines such as “If I find the time I’ll write a big fucking book with a small fuckin’ font cuz I do what I want.” The final quarter of the song brings the guitars back at full blast before an abrupt ending, leaving the listener craving more.

Prince Daddy & The Hyena is the kind of band that would proudly display a review that simply states “Adult Summers is hella good.” – and it certainly is. The record is full of fun, summery vibes that deliver a clear and concise product through distorted guitars.

You Should Probably Listen To: “Adult Summers” (parts 1 & 2)

Overall Rating: 7.6/10

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