Sad Blood – Ultimate Worrier (London, U.K.)


Who It Is: Sad Blood – Ultimate Worrier; Self-released (2015)

What It Sounds Like: Punny-mo, Pet Symmetry, emo power pop


 It’s time to address “bad” jokes in the scene, and maybe even create a new genre: Punny-mo. With Pet Symmetry as the forefathers (or three-fathers as it were), Sad Blood follows in their footsteps. Sad Blood, though Dad Blood would have been an equally acceptable joke, don’t let their clever word play detract from musical delivery as Ultimate Worrier is totally rad (blood) and surprisingly well polished for a debut EP.

Sad Blood definitely takes a page from Pet Cemetery, oh, excuse me, Pet SYMMETRY (Get it? Book pun. Steven King.). Their sound has a similar power pop feel, though it has a more downtrodden, emo touch behind the driving pop rhythms. This creates a strong cognitive dissonance as the subdued lyrics and parts of the vocal delivery contrast with the bright guitars and quick drum beats. An electric tension is created and skillfully maintained throughout these three songs.

“Party, Animal” has the most pop sense, while “Thirty” is the emo king of the bunch. “Spider Diagrams” does a stellar job at showcasing the vocalist’s smooth and crooning voice. The way he slides between notes appears effortless, producing a very soothing effect. The members of Sad Blood have an undoubtable chemistry as each and every part is locked seamlessly together, giving the record a nice sense of tightness.

Ultimate Worrier is an ultimate warrior of an EP. It is extremely well balanced and features an adorable horn-rimmed glasses clad wiener dog on the cover. What could be better?  There will be no bad blood with Sad Blood as long as they follow this release up with a full-length (and maybe a vinyl release) without delay.

You Should Probably Listen To: “Spider Diagrams”

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

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