Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing (Wichita, Kansas)


Who It Is: Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing; Self-released (2015)

What It Sounds Like: The Obsessives, Modern Baseball


 An indie-emo trio out of Wichita, Kansas, Twin Cities has hit on an attention-grabbing mish mash of sounds for their debut full length, Missing Out On Nothing. With a unique vocal style, varying guitar tones, and a surprising amount of energy, this release will be easily accessible to many crowds. Bringing listeners in with a sense of familiarity, while slipping in a little something new is the name of the game on this record.

The first track opens with a simple guitar riff before solemn vocals reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie enter. This track steadily progresses, coming to a peak with the final verse as vocalist Ryan Stoldt belts his words with a passion and timbre that would not be out of place in a song by The Obsessives. For a track coming in just under 1:15, “Wedding Vows” serves its purpose as an introduction to the album – giving a sample of what’s to come and building anticipation.

Continuing full steam ahead, the band picks up speed while again showing off their versatility. “Romantic Comedy,” for one, has the vibe of Modern Baseball with a dash of Ordinary People. Similarly, Twin Cities draws on a variety of lyrical methods. The lyrics generally fit into the vaguely personal style that discusses explicit emotions while leaving the specific situations open to the audience’s own interpretation. While occasionally the vocal delivery is slightly off or the words don’t hit quite as close to home, there is a definite groove carved out in a way that resonates well.

“Graduation” stands out. The anxieties and fears that come from opening a new chapter of your life, especially one that you may not feel ready for, are discussed head on. Stoldt sings “With every day I age / The life I want feels further away / The repetition never seems to end / Cause everybody feels the same / just a different face and a different name / and I’m too tired to start over again” before launching into the chorus’s “I’m afraid I’m missing out on nothing.” These words feel so real and so genuine, something further brought out by Jenny Wood’s ghostly vocal doubling. This is Twin Cities at the top of their game, but the rest of the album still does not fall flat in comparison.

In some ways, Missing Out On Nothing is derivative of the bigger bands within the “emo” genre. Luckily the band is smart and instead of copping the sound just one band, they mix and match those from all corners of the scene, creating something more refreshing than stale. “Raw” is a word that describes this sound, for better or for worse. There is surely a seed of something bigger here, and you’re definitely missing out on something by not giving Missing Out On Nothing a spin.

 You Should Probably Listen To: “Graduation,” “Wedding Vows”

 Overall Rating: 7.4/10

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